Best Hosting on the Web

I’ve been with StrataByte for a couple of years now and it has been the best experience in my entire web career. Any time there is an issue, they are on it before I even notice. My site runs faster, can accommodate higher traffic, and I can breathe easy knowing… Read more “Best Hosting on the Web”

Reliable service

I moved to this hosting service after having big problems with my site being hacked while on Bluehost. This service has been so much more reliable. If I ever do have a problem, it is taken care of very quickly. Life is stressful enough without having computer issues, so it… Read more “Reliable service”

If you need it StrataByte can do it.

I’ve worked with Dan for years and he’s one of the most flexible people I know. Working with him and Stratabyte in any capacity could never be a mistake.

Chris Whittle

Personal and reliable service

I switched to StrataByte several years ago because I didn’t like the service I was getting from my former hosting company. Dan provides personalized service to his customers to ensure their specific needs are met. Since switching everything has run smoothly and I have peace of mind knowing that is… Read more “Personal and reliable service”

Kim Janocko

Trustworthy, Reliable, Excellent Customer Service

I cannot say enough about how much Dan with StrataByte has helped me. I now host all three of my sites with him and he has been the most reliable, trusted hosting provider I’ve ever had. I really appreciate how much attention he pays to how the sites are functioning… Read more “Trustworthy, Reliable, Excellent Customer Service”

Jamie Smith