What We Do:

StrataByte’s mission is to take the hassle out of hosting by connecting with its clients to understand what their real needs are and develop a plan to support them going forward.

We’re not just a hosting company. We’re a full-service company, personalized to your needs. Our focus is on small businesses and bloggers. Our aim is to help you, the publisher, kick worry to the curb when it comes to the most important entity in your business, your website.

Who wants to worry that their site may break, lose data, or be compromised? That’s where StrataByte comes in. We built our services on top of Amazon, a hosting giant known for its stability and speed. We offer minimal management and full management for your site.

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StrataByte Company Values
In order to build an effective, trusting relationship, the foundation has to always be honesty. Our relationships with our clients are built on that one simple foundation of trust and honesty, with strong pillars of transparency, respect, and value. We want our clients to have the sense that they can trust us to handle the behind the scenes, so they can focus on the work at hand.

Who We Are:

Dan Lockcuff

Dan Lockcuff


StrataByte was founded by Dan Lockcuff who has 10+ years of experience hosting websites; he’s specialized in hosting WordPress based blogs for 7+ years. He also carries 15+ years of experience in IT consulting. Married to a professional blogger and having several friends who are professional bloggers, he has a very good understanding of what goes on in the daily life of a blogger entrepreneur. He started this endeavor to take one more area of worry away from them and let them focus more on the things they need to focus on. Dan and his wife live in Arkansas with their 3 boys. He loves the outdoors, vintage VW’s, and cooking amazing food.